A Brief Update…


James Rigney Jr. passed into the Embrace of the Mother 8 years ago, impossible as that seems to me.  He was one of the brightest stars in the firmament of fantasy and speculative fiction authors that have inspired me over the years, so I figured I’d acknowledge his passing and give a brief update as to the state of things, in case anyone checks this space after two years of abandonment.

I’ve kept my promise, pretty much, about not posting anything regarding current projects until they’re at least at beta stage.  Sadly, the past few years have been very slow going on all the projects.  I over committed, as I do, and everything suffered as a result. I’ve battled some personal demons, and lost our cat, Griffin, in my absence from this page. Honestly, a lot has happened and I’m not in the same head-space as I was when I started this project.  I’m in the progress of figuring out where my head is at, and where my heart is leading me.

One benefit of all these delays is that the universe I’m building through my main sequence is linked and organized much tighter than its ever been.  I’m hoping, and this is only a hope, to have something substantive to announce next year.  It’ll take me that long to figure out what projects I want to release, and what needs more work, and what I need to scrap altogether.

It hasn’t all been dour.  I saw a bunch of concerts this Summer, and hope to see a few more this fall.  Some comics were good and some movies were good and some TV shows were good and some books were good.  Recently, I’ve really been asked to take a close look at what I do and why I do it, and how my actions will impact where I want to be.  That question was answered easily 10 years ago, but its a bit harder to come up with a coherent answer now.  I’m working on it.

So that’s it, really.  I’ll periodically update this space, and I promise to announce when I will announce things as soon as its realistic to announce them.

If you would like to join my beta reader team, please contact me at latenightstirfry@gmail.com.


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