About the Author

Scott Havens is a fledgling author adrift in the wilds of Michigan armed with nothing but a Master’s degree in Medieval Studies, a career in the book trade, and a heart full of dreams. At the age of six, he fell in love with Perseus (thanks to Clash of the Titans) and it was all downhill from there. Since then, Scott has focused on writing liminal and fantastic fiction, taking joy in revealing the magic within the everyday. He wrote the System Patch, a small rules supplement, for Deliria: Faerie Tales for a New Millennium and was a contributing author on the Deliria Sagabook, Goblin Markets: The Glitter Trade. He was published in Truth Beyond Paradox, a fantasy anthology published by Onyx Path Publishing.

Today, Scott lives in a house made of books with his partner, Andy, and their three feline overlords as he works feverishly on Tales from the Miracle Season, an interwoven collection of long and short-form fiction. You can explore the growing Miracle Season universe by visiting Welcome to San Keros.  His other fiction you will find here, as well as blog posts about life, books, cooking, and more.  His opinions are obviously his own.


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