Miracles, but make them small.

As a bigger guy I often dread flying, as airlines continue to compress leg room and seat width to squeeze more onto their ever diminishing number of flights. So imagine my surprise when I signed into the Southwest app yesterday to sign in for today’s flight 2 hours late only to find me positioned at A-16, the first general boarding position, for both my flights today. Well, ok! Obviously I got flagged by my rescheduling due to my flight cancellation on 12/31 and they did what they could to make today’s travel as comfortable and easy as possible. Not only that, but I took the window seat per my usual and a kind older lady took the aisle seat… and we managed to be one of only 3 rows without a middle seat denizen! So I’m relaxing as I type this and enjoying the universe paying me back for the stress and tears of two days ago.

I’m starting a 100-Book challenge for 2020, and I’m using the flight to get started. The first book of the year? The Starless Sea, by Erin Morgenstern, a gift from my Michigan Crimmas. So here’s to today, where it feels like luck is bending like a ta’averen around me to send me to my ancestral home.


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