Tumblr Tuesday/World-a-Week Challenge: Week 1

So Tuesday got away from me, but I realized if I didn’t post something resembling a Tumblr Tuesday  post, I couldn’t do my inaugural World-a-Week Challenge!  So, I curated a bunch of images from my tumblr page that I think are awesome.  You can find the link of this past week’s favorite images here.

This week’s World-a-Week challenge: Location, Location.  Find a picture that speaks to you for some reason of a particular place, and send it in to the blog here, or to my tumblr. Beings (people, animals, fantasy creatures) can be in the picture, but the challenge for me will be to use the  setting you give me.  I may use whatever else is in the image, if it works with what I come up with (it usually will).

So send me pictures!  Let’s build our first world!


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