Tumblr Tuesday/World-a-Week Challenge: Week 1

So Tuesday got away from me, but I realized if I didn’t post something resembling a Tumblr Tuesday  post, I couldn’t do my inaugural World-a-Week Challenge!  So, I curated a bunch of images from my tumblr page that I think are awesome.  You can find the link of this past week’s favorite images here.

This week’s World-a-Week challenge: Location, Location.  Find a picture that speaks to you for some reason of a particular place, and send it in to the blog here, or to my tumblr. Beings (people, animals, fantasy creatures) can be in the picture, but the challenge for me will be to use the  setting you give me.  I may use whatever else is in the image, if it works with what I come up with (it usually will).

So send me pictures!  Let’s build our first world!


Wednesday Weigh-In: Week One

Comic of the Week: Despite me floundering in the end of Kieron Gillen‘s Journey into Mystery (which, the more I think about it, might be one of my favorite comic runs by anyone of all time) all week, whistfully sighing waiting for Marvel to announce that he is writing that teen team-up book with some of my favorite characters ever (WHEN, Marvel, WHEN?), and the craziness involving travel and business trips for the boyfriend, I haven’t even gotten to last week’s comics yet!  But a commitment is a commitment, and I promised you folks an update.  So I had the unfortunate burden of heading to Culver’s for comics lunch and reading my entire weekly draw from this week.  And there was a lot to read.

I should probably give you all a sense of scale.  This was a slightly heavy draw week off of my pull list at my friendly local comic shop (flcs, going forward).  I had 20 books waiting for me today, spreading between the big 2 (Marvel & DC Comics) and some smaller franchise and independent books.  So when I say something was the best of the week, that means it surpassed about 17-19 other titles each week.  That means I read approximately 80 comics a month.  It also means I’m poor.

So, what won out this week? It was a weird pull, because for a change I had a wide spread across a bunch of genres.  Valiant’s Harbinger, Mike Norton & Tim Seeley‘s Revival, Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga, and Nate Cosby & Ben McCool’s Pigs #8 were all tight this week, turning in some of the best work yet on all titles.  For big payoffs, AvX #10 was pretty sweet (been waiting for a decent moment in this title, as its definitely been dragging). Some books that surprised me were X-Factor #242–big emotional moments, but almost no build up left me wanting to feel more than I did.  Red Hood #12 almost made it to the top of the pile, as the storytelling was honestly as tight as I’ve seen Lobdell do since he started his run.  It felt very much the epic, star-spanning swashbuckling story they were clearly aiming for with the cover font choice.  Avengers Academy 35 (which just announced its end date this fall and I’m trying not to cry) had big emotional payoffs this week and ties for the top spot. I’m going to miss the characters something fierce, despite Christos Gage‘s comment that they may be living on in some way in other title in the MarvelNOW iniative. They won’t be the same without his heart and soul filling them up with awesome.

The winner for this week, however, is DC Universe Presents: Kid Flash.  What? A one-shot in an anthology series wins best of the week? HECK YEAH, it does!  For starters, I didn’t realize how much I missed Fabian Nicieza‘s voice in DC’s teen heroes.  I love Scott Lobdell‘s Teen Titans, but Fabian was my go-to guy that made me seriously love Tim Drake–and he does wonder with the New52’s Bart.  Under Nicieza’s guidance, Kid Flash comes across more serious in this one-shot than in the main Titans book, more experienced and wiser while at the same time keeping his humor and awkwardness that made Bart one of my favorite DC heroes ever.  He also goes up against teenage human/dinosaur hybrids that are pretty complex for brand new, one-shot characters.  And that’s just the start.  I almost want him to lead a team of these dino-kids in a longer running mini-series.  The art by Jorge Jimenez is sleek and speedy.  I didn’t exhale until I finished the issue, as it was one beautiful ride that slid effortlessly from panel to panel.  This makes me crush so hard for this creative team, as well as all of the characters.  So if you like dinosaurs, Flash, Bart, or just great teen characters (that ought to be most of you), DC Presents: Kid FLash (#12) is the one comic you should buy this week.

Song of the Week: Well, last week it was Primadonna, by Marina & the Diamonds.  Early this week, it was Want U Back, by Cher Lloyd.  But lately I’ve found myself listening to the remix album of Imagine Dragons’ It’s Time on Spotify on endless repeat. It’s been really energizing, good habit reinforcing, and makes me dance around the house with my gym shorts on.  No videos of the latter.

Favorite Meal of the Week: This week has been boring for food.  Leftovers and frozen dinners.  I’ll Have more exciting things to report next week.

Best Media Stuff of the Week:  Well, the Madonna Bar Mitzvah Boy is big on the gay blogs this week.  I feel envious of him, that he’s comfortable enough in himself, and his family and friends that he could let loose like that at so young an age.  I definitely used to wish to do things like that at that age.  But I think the two best media making the rounds the last week, in the last week or so (keep in mind, some of this is dated but I found it this week) is the story of the momma dog saving her puppies from a burning building in Chile and an old story I found on Kieron Gillen’s tumblr stream about the magic we can give to each other when we rise about ourselves and try to be selfless, even in the smallest ways.  That story made me cry, so it wins this week.  Read it here.

Welcome to Late Night Stir Fry!

So this is it, my inaugaral post on Late Night Stir Fry!  I snagged this domain about a year ago, and I’ve sat on it until I was sure I knew what I wanted to do here.  If you’re looking for my personal blog, you can find it here.  Chances are, though, that’s not what brought you to our door.

Late Night Stir Fry is my attempt to unify my online writing presence, while also creating an interactive space for myself and those that read my work.   So in the words of Sue Sylvester, let me break it down for you.

  • Tumblr Tuesdays: Every Tuesday, I’ll be posting a bunch of images here that will forward to my tumblr blog.  I’ll also put out a request for you to post pictures as comments to the thread.  Each week, I’ll pick one picture and write up a scene inspired by it.  Depending on the week, it’ll be either a Person, Place, or Thing.
  • Wednesday Weigh-Ins: Every Wednesday I’ll comment on my favorite comic of that week, as well as films, television shows, or random pop culture phenomena.  Think of it as a media download with a twist.
  • Spotify Sundays: The last Sunday of every month, I’ll post a Spotify playlist that will be my soundtrack for the following month.  I’ll listen to it while I write the World-a-Week challenges, and comment throughout the month on which songs rock and which grow stale with use–and I’ll definitely take recommendations and requests.
  • Late Night Stir Fry (World a Week Challenge): This is the heart of this little experiment.  Sometime between Friday and Sunday each week, I’ll post the short fiction inspired by one of the pictures you have submitted.  This fiction may or may not interrelate with other week’s challenges.  The more creative the pictures you send in, the more creative I’ll be in turning what you send me into a window to another world.  At the end of a year, I will examine the project’s progress and determine its future.
  • Status Updates on my other larger projects: I have larger, non-web based projects in various states of preparation.  As they move forward, you’ll be able to find preview excerpts here, as well as status updates as my work on them continues.

To summarize, the goal of this site is thus: I write a lot. Pop Culture & Geeky things. Pictures. We create worlds.  We share our imaginations. We win.

Sound good?