Welcome to Late Night Stir Fry!

So this is it, my inaugaral post on Late Night Stir Fry!  I snagged this domain about a year ago, and I’ve sat on it until I was sure I knew what I wanted to do here.  If you’re looking for my personal blog, you can find it here.  Chances are, though, that’s not what brought you to our door.

Late Night Stir Fry is my attempt to unify my online writing presence, while also creating an interactive space for myself and those that read my work.   So in the words of Sue Sylvester, let me break it down for you.

  • Tumblr Tuesdays: Every Tuesday, I’ll be posting a bunch of images here that will forward to my tumblr blog.  I’ll also put out a request for you to post pictures as comments to the thread.  Each week, I’ll pick one picture and write up a scene inspired by it.  Depending on the week, it’ll be either a Person, Place, or Thing.
  • Wednesday Weigh-Ins: Every Wednesday I’ll comment on my favorite comic of that week, as well as films, television shows, or random pop culture phenomena.  Think of it as a media download with a twist.
  • Spotify Sundays: The last Sunday of every month, I’ll post a Spotify playlist that will be my soundtrack for the following month.  I’ll listen to it while I write the World-a-Week challenges, and comment throughout the month on which songs rock and which grow stale with use–and I’ll definitely take recommendations and requests.
  • Late Night Stir Fry (World a Week Challenge): This is the heart of this little experiment.  Sometime between Friday and Sunday each week, I’ll post the short fiction inspired by one of the pictures you have submitted.  This fiction may or may not interrelate with other week’s challenges.  The more creative the pictures you send in, the more creative I’ll be in turning what you send me into a window to another world.  At the end of a year, I will examine the project’s progress and determine its future.
  • Status Updates on my other larger projects: I have larger, non-web based projects in various states of preparation.  As they move forward, you’ll be able to find preview excerpts here, as well as status updates as my work on them continues.

To summarize, the goal of this site is thus: I write a lot. Pop Culture & Geeky things. Pictures. We create worlds.  We share our imaginations. We win.

Sound good?


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