Pros & Cons

I spent this weekend at C2E2, spending the majority of my time walking Artist’s alley and looking for cool merch or new comics to buy.  I got some signatures, commissioned a few pieces of art.  Friday was a good day!  I got through my entire signature list, and got what art commissioned I could.  Saturday, however…Saturday was a rollercoaster.  I got the last artist on my sketch list pretty much right as the doors to the event space opened, and then I felt both empty and at loose ends.  So much of my average convention experience is hunting down creators for autographs, that to not have that…well, it felt off.  Add on top of that I’m over a year behind in a LOT of the titles I pick up every month, and it just made me feel out of place.  As if I didn’t even know what I should’ve brought to have signed, who to seek out, which panels to go to–for someone who structures their convention experience as much as I do, it was very unpleasant.

Or, at least I initially thought that was the problem.  But as I wandered around alone, in this funk, I kept stumbling mentally into wishing I had my laptop with me, because I kept revisiting elements of both San Keros and another cycle of stories I’m writing.  It took imbibing some brutally strong brew on the convention  before i realized that some part of my brain was angry that I had all of this sudden downtime and wasn’t writing.  That part of this dreaded funk I was dealing with was due to me wanting to do–in a way–what these creatives around me were doing–making characters, telling stories, filling worlds with their truths.

Once I realized that, I felt much better.  I wish I could say I ran to the hotel and just wrote the rest of the afternoon, but cons are crazy expensive, yo, and I decided I’d enjoy myself for the rest of this one.  And I have.

Sunday I have 1 panel to attend, and some art to pick up.  Otherwise it’s just wandering the sales floor and seeing wassup.  Then we’ll do dinner at our favorite Thai place with Andy’s niece and boyfriend before we head back to Kalamazoo.

I have Monday off, and I promised myself I’d start hitting the gym after this weekend.  But after that no doubt ugly attempt in the morning, I’m pretty sure I’ve got some worlds of my own to visit.

But don’t worry…you’ll be visiting them soon.

Tessellations (Tales from the Miracle Season 1.4) is now available!

          So, I’ve been a bit of a bad author of late.  The boyfriend and I were off to C2E2, and the time it took to prep and decompress from that trip has delayed the very last of this first series of Upshots.  Also included in that delay, apparently, was the announcement here at LateNightStirFry that Tessellations (Tales from the Miracle Season 1.4) went online at two whole weeks ago! Holy Cow! See what I mean? Bad author, no biscuit.

          Several folks have asked what the throughput is for these Upshots.  The short answer is that there isn’t any.  They aren’t designed to be connected.  These shortest of short stories are just snapshots into the lives of people we’ve seen before, or meeting for the first time, that are affected by the ripples cast out by the events in Nabiscoding in the summer of 1991 (which you can read ALL about in Open Your Eyes.)  All I can say is that all of this will be more fully explored as this project continues.

The last Upshot of this cycle is called “Lemons”, and it brings the world of San Keros into proper sequence with the larger story that will unfold this summer.  That title should go up by midweek, and it’s my hope we’ll launch the summer project the first week of June.

The City of Dreams has opened its doors…now what’s left is up to you.

Happy Birthday Update

Another year, another random blog post, right?  Well, in the spirit of the summer relaunch of latenightstirfry and the debut of new content from WelcometoSanKeros, I figured it was time to give a general life update so that anyone who’s curious can see the state of things.

On the home front, Andy and I celebrated our 18th anniversary and were allowed to serve two new feline overlords, Bailey and Keely.  I commissioned some gorgeous art at C2E2 this year, which I’ll do a separate post about.  It’s been a cocooning sort of year, really, as we’ve really dialed back our activity outside the house.  Some of our dear friends came to their senses and fled their S.A.D. and our presence by the space of a whole continent.  I’ve been slowly stripping down my comic pull list to just the characters and stories I’m genuinely passionate about.  I keep trying to organize my comics to determine what I’m ready to let go of, but I never complete the process.  I’ve been undergoing a small spiritual awakening too, which is welcome since its been too long.  We’ll see where that takes me.

As for writing, obviously there are things afoot.  My short story “Nothing Important Happened Today” got published in the Truth Beyond Paradox anthology.  This site is undergoing a major redesign this spring and early summer.  Later this summer I’ll be launching my major writing project in truth , but the web portal is already up at  I have a few other smaller projects queued as well, and those will post here on latenightstirfry.  Some of those projects may end up referencing the World-a-Week Challenges I did a few years back and are still available here on the site.I also am going to be going pretty heavily into research mode, as a lot of the pieces are still missing certain crucial elements.

I’m hoping to go to HeroesCon this year, but also paint the garage.  I’d like to pay off credit cards, but redesign the front gardens. I plan on finally mastering the art of weeding without being scared off by arachnids.  I desperately need a new phone, and am hopeful for the opportunity to visit family and friends.  Which is to say, life goes on as it ever does.

I’m writing this as Owein sits purring on my chest, thinner than he’s ever been.  There’s not much that it seems we can do about it.  I’m deliberately not writing much more about that because I don’t think my heart can take it.  I need to hit the gym and lose some pounds, myself.  I wish we could share them somehow.

So that’s the sort of state of things.  If you feel like giving me an awesome birthday present, snag a copy of Truth Beyond Paradox (Only $3.99 digital!) and give my story a glorious review on Goodreads!  Word of mouth is everything.

And be Excellent to each other–and to yourselves.